Tapped and Packed

10 things I like about you.

1.  Your coffee. There are flat whites. There are ristrettos. There’s no snobbery about wanting skimmed milk (or semi skimmed as it is here) in your latte. We realised you had some serious game when we the house espresso blend, the single origin blends that change daily and the range of specialty coffees – where you can choose your brewing method; filter, cafetiere, siphon or aeropress.

2. Where you are. Close enough to Tottenham Court Road to be in the thick of the action, but just enough blocks back so I don’t have to hear the construction noise.

3. The fact that out the front, there’s no name, just the number 26 stenciled in white on a muted grey wall. But there is a bike, jauntily leaned against the front window, emblazoned with the word; coffee. It’s so cute you want to pinch yourself.

4. Your teaspoons. The fact that the sugar containers are made of old tins of treacle is cute. But I love that every teaspoon comes with a special jolt of personality. These are vintage collectibles that feel comforting in your hand, More than that they’re an instant conversational kick start- the coffee meeting equivalent of wearing a novelty pin on your coat.

5. Your cakes. They’re laid out for the choosing. Blueberry almond isn’t stingy on the fruit and the lemon drizzle icing on a lemon poppyseed tastes just the way my granny used to make.

6. Your prices. A latte for 2 pounds 30. A sandwich for not much more.  At breakfast it’s two rounds of toast with jam or honey for fifty pence.

7. The seating options. There are both proper tables and benches for when you just want to have a little perch. But more than anything, unlike some other coffee spots, here’s there’s room to breathe.

8. Your sandwiches and salads.  The soft poppyseed bread with egg, bacon and smoked paprika mayo is a cracker. And the fresh bowls of salad, set out to choose from- are simply lovely.

9. Your teas. The fact that there are 19 to choose from, including white teas and a grab bag of infusions is darn hospitable.  It’s nice to know there are options, even if I’m always going to order Earl Grey. But it’s the other choice that I love. Sometimes you don’t want a whole pot, you just want a comforting cup.  I choose my choice.

10. Your efficiency. There are the times when I want to sit and natter with a pal. And then the others, when I want to grab something and go. With you snatching a fresh sandwich, carefully wrapped so it’s shielded but not sodden, and a take away coffee is a snap. I’m  in and out in the time it takes to send a text message.

Tapped and packed and ready to go.

But don’t worry. I’ll be back. In case you haven’t figured it out- I like you. Lots.

Tapped and Packed
26 Rathbone Place, W1T1JD
Tube: between Tottenham Court Road and Goodge St
Monday- Friday 8 am – 8pm
Saturday: 9 am -7pm

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  1. Your evaluation of T & P is spot-on, I am in awe of the bloke (Richard) that conceived this idea. I sweated and attended to details for a few weeks to bring his plans to fruition. So I know 26 (and 114) well. I am proud to have been involved, on top of that, he is my son. Thank you Tori

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