Almond croissant and raspberry puddings

“Almonds are loaded with magnesium which is an essential mineral for growing hair.” (Or so google tells me).

Croissants are loaded with butter, which is essential for gilding a happy place.

There are many reasons why I made raspberry bread and butter puddings from almond croissants. Chief among them is a bad haircut.

It started with a simple desire to treat myself. It’s been about five months since I had a haircut- the last was before we went surfing in Baja. It was time.

I was also craving some time with a trashy magazine. Perhaps a cup of tea.  I wanted to talk royal weddings with a hairdresser, and read about Jennifer Aniston’s love life. I had an overwhelming desire for Catherine Middleton’s hair. I don’t have a battalion at the ready with their blow dryers, but I did want some shiny layers and to briefly feel like a princess-in-waiting.

This was not what the universe had planned for me. Something got mixed up in the connection.

I didn’t end up Kate Middleton’s hair. I didn’t get to read about Jennifer Aniston’s love life.

Instead I got Jennifer Aniston’s hair- circa 1994- which was before Kate Middleton even had a love life.

Comfort food for me involves fuchsia berries, custard and some carbohydrates.

The fact that the almonds in the croissant will help my hair grow faster- well that’s just a free gift with purchase. Next time I feel the need to treat myself, I’m going to Clinique.

Raspberry Almond Croissant puddings

Serves 2


1 large almond croissant
2 eggs
Splash of vanilla extract
1/4 cup of full fat milk
1/4 cup of frozen raspberries (plus an extra tablespoon to smush for a sauce)
Tablespoon of marscapone
Tablespoon of butter
Tablespoon of raw sugar.

Here’s how we roll

1.Preheat an oven to 180 degrees.

2.Take two ramekins and butter the edges.

3. Depending on your mental state, cut or tear the croissants into pieces the same size as a wine cork.

4.Whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla extract.

5. Layer the croissant bits and the frozen raspberries in the ramekins.

6. Pour half of the milky eggy mixture over the top of one of the ramekins. Repeat with the other ramekin.

7. Let them sit and soak up the eggy mix for about 10 minutes. 
8. Dob the marscapone evenly over the top of the ramekins. Sprinkle the sugar over the top.

9. Bake for 15 minutes until the custard has set and the tops have crisped.

10.Smush the additional tablespoon of raspberries with a fork to make a slushy sauce. Dribble over the top.

Eat and start to contemplate whether clips, headbands and bobby pins will help the situation.

Any other ways to sneak almonds into a diet, or suggestions of how to fix a bad haircut gratefully received…

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