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Ten things I like about you

1. Here’s the first and most important one. You understand that going out to breakfast is about more than just scoffing a coffee and playing with a pastry (granted some days that does just fine).

At this latest installment of the antipodean invasion of London’s coffee scene you can  find everything that is beloved about going out to brunch down under.

2.  It starts with the space. It’s light and airy. There are large shared tables that give you enough elbow room to spread out with friends (or bring a stroller). There are also taller seats up at counters for those times when you just want to anonymously perch somewhere with your latte and laptop.

3. For a newish place in London, Allpress does a fine line in nostalgia. You see, there’s an Allpress cafe in Sydney. It was our fail safe spot for breakfast and a catch up with our best friends. Walking in and seeing that familiar signage and menu felt like I was home again.

I should also give the Allpress staff kudos  for not looking at me like I was insane when I greeted them with “You’re a sight for sore eyes!” (NB I was referring to the brand, not the good looking young lad behind the counter- though it did take him a moment to recover. There’s a good chance he was trawling his memory to see if ago he’d woken up next to me years ago. )

4. The food. I have to mention the breakfast plate. Some mornings it just has to be savoury. There’s no other option. Being able to construct my own proportions of toast  from Sally Clarke’s bakery  with avocado, sliced tomato, cheese, jamon and a soft boiled egg just manages to set a day straight.

5. Your sandwiches. In particular, the Green Goddess. A poached egg, jamon, some leaf and a charming slurry of herbaceous mayonnaise stacked on ciabatta  is a steady and sturdy start to the day.

6. Your coffee. We know you’re serious about it. The enormous roasters in the corner of the cafe kind of gave it away. This is a blend made particularly for a London palette; smooth and slightly nutty.

7. The freedom to choose my choice. Sure there are the usual derivations; flat whites, lattes but there’s also zero snobbery about a preference for skimmed milk. Or a weak latte. Or, heaven forbid, a weak skim latte as the first beverage in the morning.  Thank you for that.

8. Your appreciation of the role of reading material in a lazy breakfast. It’s not really a weekend breakfast without some quality time with the trashier supplements in the paper. Having tables large enough to spread out and sufficient papers to go around captures the very spirit of generosity.

9. Your location. I’m not sure I’m quite cool enough to frequent East London. I don’t really do skinny jeans. Or vests.  On the days that I stumble into an outfit with enough accidental insouciance, a stroll around Shoreditch is delightful.  Allpress’ location on Redchurch street is a pretty darn cool spot, and the proximity to the Rich Mix cinemas is just icing on the cake.

10. You’re open Sundays. If a lifetime of eating breakfast out in Sydney taught me anything, it’s that a proper day of rest starts best when someone else is making your coffee and toast.

Allpress London
58 Redchurch Street
Greater London E2 7DP
020 7749 1780

Open Tue-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm
Weekends 9am-5pm

  1. Wow! The breakfast plate looks EXACTLY the same as in Sydney…and the same sandwiches! Makes me proud to be an Aussie on team Allpress!

  2. A little curious and concerned. Does the other coffee place know?

    BTW, your writing style rocks.

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