Bonanza coffee heroes- best coffee in Berlin?

There is decent coffee to be found in Berlin.
Bonanza is a small haven for caffeine lovers in Prenzleur Berg.  It’s close to the edge of Mauerpark, with its flea market on Sundays and  remaining 30m strip of the wall. 
Bonanza is a cafe that is subtly set into a strip of quirky boutiques and restaurants on  Oderbergerstr. Keep your eyes peeled for its grey exterior wall- you don’t want to miss what’s inside.
It’s a small space, largely dominated by their roasting equipment. Inside it’s warm and friendly, with high stools and a couple of small tables at the back and a hanging rack on the side wall for magazines that will suit artistic types. But what you’ve really come for is the coffee.

Here it’s produced by baristas who know their craft. The machine that they’re using is a Synesso Cyncra. It’s the caffeinated equivalent of a temperature sensitive high performance car. The company was founded by former La Marzocco engineer, Mark Barnett.  Each machine is custom built by hand in their factory in Seattle.

A latte comes with lovely art, for those who like that sort of thing.  Beneath the well textured top is the perfect morning starter. It’s as delicately milky as the name suggests and the warm caramel tones from the beans sing through. 
Those after something with a little more grunt can take refuge in the ristrettos.
And if you’re in need of a nibble there’s a deft system of serve-yourself pastries at your disposal. The chocolate croissants have a gutsy strip of chocolate in the centre. This we like.

This is not necessarily a place to come and have a big breakfast. But if you’re after some of the best quality coffee in Berlin, made by staff with impeccable English and a real passion for what they do, this is where you want to head.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes
Oderberger Strasse 35
Prenzleur Berg
10435 Berlin

U2 at Eberswalder Strasse

Mon- Fri, 8:30-19:00 Sat-Sun, 10:00-19:00;

Make a day of it:

Head to Prenzleur Berg in the morning for coffee and a pastry at Bonanza.  Then wander up to the Mauerpark and join Berlin locals enjoying the beautiful outdoors- sledding in winter, laying about with newspapers in the sun when it’s warmer. Wander through and see the remaining 30 metres of the wall.

Then spend some time exploring the surrounding streets and boutiques in Prendzleur Berg. Buy a novelty hat.

Then don’t miss out on what might well be the best schnitzel in Berlin at the nearby Prater Garten.

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  1. Good advise "don't die before trying":)

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