El Celler de Can Roca

As of thirty minutes ago, where we went for dinner on Saturday night became the second best restaurant in the world.

Yes it was fabulous. Outrageously so at points.

To start there was candied green olives that we plucked from a bonsai that was brought to the table. There was free flowing cava. There was a sole dish that flew in the face of the bland protein and squish that so often makes up the fourth course ‘white fish filler’.

There were exploding bon bons and a dish of Iberian suckling pig that brought a tear to The Hungry One’s eye.

A proper write up will shortly follow.

But for those who are just too keen to peek behind the curtain, here are a couple of visual highlights.

The entry courtyard.

Sole with fennel, bergamot, orange, pine nut and green olive.

SierraMayor Iberian suckling pig, grilled baby onions, melon and beetroot.

Exploding bon bons in chocolate and cocoa bean, vanilla and coconut, peach, honey and rose and Melon and orange blossom.

El Celler de Can Roca
48, Can Sunyer, Girona, Spain

As for the rest of the list, with Noma staying as number one, we have to say we’re pretty chuffed about our travel plans to Copenhagen in three weeks time.

And with the entrance of D.O.M into this year’s top 10- well, let’s just say that The Hungry One had been scratching around for an excuse to swing past South America on the way home to Australia this summer….

And yes, we do know we’re ridiculous.

Never fear; I promise a return to the normal sensible broadcasting of nattily priced quality coffee in London, the best tapas in Barcelona and the last three courses for a proper a  Royal Wedding Feast as soon as possible…

But for the moment, I’ll be busy googling the cost of flights to Sao Paulo.

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  1. Great timing, now the price and waiting time will increase.

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