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Matt King is just trying to keep his head above water, what with his tempestuous daughters and coma-bound wife.  As he’s keen to point out to us, it might look like heaven in Hawaii, but the tips and turns of life are just as rough as elsewhere. This archipelago of cucumber slices and diced fish gives us the taste of paradise, without having to get on a plane. It’s a version of poke; the classic Hawaiian dish found in most pupus (snacks usually eaten while moonily looking at a sunset).

Like the emotions generated by The Descendants, here the protein is raw. There’s also plenty of salt from the soy sauce,  a good stand in for the tears you’ll shed while watching George Clooney  ugly-run in boat shoes.

The way


Makes 20, serves 8-10 as a canape

1 knife.


1 lebanese cucumber, cut into coins half a centimetre thick.
125 grams of sashimi grade fish
1 spring onion, finely diced
1/2 avocado, mashed
2 tsp of 
Black sesame seeds
Red chilli powder

Here’s how we roll

1. Cut the fish into as small a dice as you can manage (don’t use a food processor, it will turn it to mush best fed to cats).

2.  Cut the cucumber into slices and then hollow out some of the centre.

3. Fill the well in the centre with a dab of avocado mash.

4. Toss the fish pieces in two teaspoons of soy sauce. Arrange a pinch on top of the avocado. 

5. Adorn with sliced spring onion, black sesame seeds and chilli powder to taste. 

Serve along with ‘The Artist not-so-silent Martinis‘ and ‘Moneyball truffled popcorn balls’.

  1. Want. But I'd eat all 20 myself. Sod the serving 8 to 10.

  2. These sound so tasty. Lovely little bit size pieces.

  3. It's far too cold for such a fresh little snack, but I am bookmarking this for summer!

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  5. Tuna, avocado and cucumber is my idea of heaven. Could happily eat that right now, or watching The Descendants, or pretty much any time really . . .

  6. Don't know if I like George or these better…I would probably get bored of him before the food though…

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