Peanuts and a glass of pine wine (after a television debut)

Peanuts and pink wine. That was my glamorous dinner following a surreal afternoon. A week and a bit back I did an interview at the Westminster Studios for Australia’s Today Show. It’s the breakfast show that I used to have on in the background while I ate bircher muesli. It’s where the sublime Mia Freedman appears every week.

The interview was about our Baby Bucket List. The collection of mad and hedonistic things that The Hungry One and I set out to do before we become three.

Sitting in the Westminster Studio in London at night, staring at a reflection of yourself in a camera and hearing questions through an ear piece is a strange thing.

For the frivolous among us, choosing what to wear on your Australian television debut also presents a conundrum. In the end I went with basic black and a blow dry. Trying not to appear as a hedonistic loon who thinks everyone should gad around the world, slashing their savings and playing a game of chicken with their eggs was more of a concern.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. Though a sneaky half glass of pinot grigio at the pub around the corner before hand helped slay some of the butterflies.
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And afterwards? After  chatting about eating at El Bulli and Noma and tasting the best hot dogs in the world…  what was dinner?

Peanuts and a glass of sad and stickily sweet pink wine that reminded me of soggy red frog lollies. The kind that you forgot about in the bottom of your school bag.  Just as we got back to The Windmill  pub around the corner from the studio they closed their kitchen.

After that I came home, did some washing up and went to bed.

It’s a life of continuous glamour this one, I tell you.

(Nb, though there are no grounds for any complaints at all – I’m writing this from a small apartment in Sultanhamet in Istanbul, where I can hear the call to prayer out the window. We’ve just spent a week here and in Cyprus. Much more on fish sandwiches by the Bosphorus, the best Turkish coffee and some plum roof terrace bars to come).

  1. Isn’t that a weird experience! The ear piece and the solo room and the weird background – I hate those things. Butterflies aplenty. So proud of you and what you’re a accomplishing – voting right now! xxx

  2. Amazing!! love the interview…=)

  3. Wow, that’s pretty awesome – congratulations! If only you were in Australia, you could have forced the pub to make you a toasted sandwich. I recently discovered that it’s a condition of liquor licences to have food available (and I don’t think peanuts count as food…)

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! You were super delightful – and I trust Cyprus proved a curative for sickly sweet pink wine xx

  5. Tori – congrats on your TV debut and so glad everything’s going so well for you, with the book and everything. Liking the blog makeover too! K x

  6. Hey, congrats! You looked great. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  7. Didn’t see this before, but how CUTE! You come across so well, very professional and warm.

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