The food that changed my life – Waitrose Kitchen

Gracious me, there I am in this month’s Waitrose Kitchen Magazine. I’m one in lovely collection of interviews by Jessica Gunn with photographs from the very very talented Jo Metson Scott.

The piece is on foods that changed people’s lives. The piece was generated partly through twitter, after editor William Sitwell asked if anyone had decided to move to the UK because of food. And sure enough, our decision to uproot our lives from Sydney to London came after a lunch of mushrooms on toast at St John.

My favourite piece in the magazine is two pages on from me, which tells the story of  William Hopkinson and his Victoria sponge. He learned to cook ten years ago at 79 at Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food in Bradford  after his wife of 40 years passed away.

Our shoot took place early on Friday morning at St John in Smithfield. I should say that as always, the staff of St John couldn’t have been more accommodating.  And, yes, I did get to eat the mushrooms on toast that morning too. And they were spectacular.

  1. Its amazing the influence food had. Singapore is one of my fav cities/country because of food but I haven't migrated for food, yet! Congratulations on getting featured

  2. What a stunning photo Tori – you look gorgeous! (as always!) how lovely is Jess as well?

  3. What a fantastic concept and I must agree that you look beautiful! This article is not available online, it seems? I would love to read it someday! Congrats!

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