Introducing the ebook: One Month Carb Detox- how to escape the crutch of white carbs in 30 recipes

For the last month or so I’ve been beavering away working on something. It’s my first ebook made up of 30 low and slow carb dinner options. As anyone who’s read a bit of this blog will know I love white carbs more than anything. I love spaghetti bolognaise. I had a moment with mushrooms on toast so profound it put me in a magazine, and prompted our move overseas.

I grew up believing that since carbohydrates occupied the bottom of the food pyramid it was absolutely fine if I ate bread, potatoes and noodles all day.

And then my health got to a point where I just couldn’t.

Since I stopped using white carbohydrates as a culinary crutch I’ve become slimmer. I have more energy. I’ve been forced to become a bit more creative in the kitchen. And best of all, I’ve now reached a point where I can feed The Hungry One a low/slow carb meal so hearty he doesn’t then ask what we’re having for main course.

This 80 page  ebook contains a whole bunch of new recipes and a couple of old favourites. It makes heroes out of pulses and includes a mix of lighter suppers and salads, sturdy braises and a final chapter of interesting sides to mix and match with the protein of your choice. There’s also a handy key to see just how many are suitable for vegetarians (lots).

It’s a month of lower carb dinners all in one place, nicely designed, illustrated and easy to navigate.

You can use paypal to get a PDF versions or download.  The PDF is a nice way to navigate the content on an iPad. It has nifty links which let you skip forward and back.

For the first two weeks the book is available for the bargain price of USD$2.99.

You can buy the book by clicking on the shopping link below.

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You can also buy it for Kindle through the Amazon store here.

x Tori


This book is a guide, of 30 recipes to show you how you can free yourself from the crutch of white carbohydrates for dinner. It is not an aggressive attack on potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or carb loving cultures. Heck, I love comfort foods more than anything. They just don’t always love me- and maybe they don’t love you so much either. Maybe you want more energy. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries or one of a gamut of conditions that benefit from a slow/low carbohydrate diet. Maybe you want to drop some weight. Maybe you just want to get a bit more creative in the kitchen.

Here’s what I suggest. Read the recipes. Meet some new pulses. Play with some new flavours. Find salads and sides to mix and match with the proteins of your by choice. It’s at this point that I must say; this is not absolutist carb free doctrine. You’ll find pulses and some sweeter and starchier vegetables peppered through; a few meals contain corn, peas, carrots, pumpkin or beets. There’s a sly spoon of sugar or flour. This is a moderate approach. Here’s my suggestion. Do it for a month. At the end pick your favourites and insert them into your weekly rotation. That way the next time you have to answer ‘What’s for dinner?’ the default answer isn’t just another version of white stodge.

  1. Great job Tor! It looks wonderful.

  2. This book sounds brilliant! I love the tweets from a carb free place you post on Twitter – the recipes are always so satisfying sounding and full of exciting flavours. Heading over to check out the book now 🙂

  3. Just bought it and looking forward to reading it and trying out your recipes!

  4. Great concept- I’ll be excited to get it on the kindle.

  5. congrats love! will be buying this over the weekend and hoping that i can convert my husband to the hungry one’s ways! m xx

  6. YAYY Tori! A big congratulations and I’m definitely going to buy a copy 😀

  7. Big congrats Tori – good on you!

  8. Purchased! Have also told my family to all buy a copy 🙂

    Have only started making my way through half, but as a veggie, let me say: praise be for flavoursome veggie dishes! Look filling and tasty, without being heavy (you know who I’m looking at, pumpkin risotto…) Thanks Tori – this looks like a lifesaver. xx

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