La Fromagerie and London Treats

Nearly three years ago, exactly I sat first sat on the long wooden table at the back of La Fromagerie in Marylebone. I was glum and being nursed with equal care by an old friend, a glass of  red wine and a sensitively curated platter of cured meats and soft cheeses.

I felt rudderless and adrift- not sure if I wanted to continue my old working life and not sure if I wanted to be in a city which felt grey and alien. I missed the sands of Bondi and the certainty of my five day a week  job at the Arts Council. But over that lunch, the warmth of the wine, the space and conversation brought me be around. I remember nodding  just before we left and saying; ‘I think we’ll be ok’.

It’s hard to feel dark when surrounded by beautiful things.

I was retelling that moment to a few people on Saturday morning. It was 8.30 am when I first crouched through La Fromagerie’s half open front door on Moxon Street. I was welcomed by friendly faces of the staff and the heady smells of of ground coffee, fresh pastries, warm bread, bright lemons and the cool must from the cheese room.

It was a thrill to be there to present a brunch workshop, crammed with recipes from the book. An hour later at long wooden tables were a collection of fabulous, generous women (plus a token male in The Hungry One).

Over slices of latte banana bread and whipped ricotta we talked about Sydney and London, before skipping over to Iceland and I walked everyone through the blueberry skyr trifles- a mildly sweet dessert from the book which sits just as happily in glasses at the start of the day.


Me in one of my sole maternity purchases- which I have dubbed ‘the circus tent’ (but is available in lots of other colours from Asos)

The wonderful Patricia Michelson, co owner of La Fromagerie then demonstrated their technique of making labna (the trick for them is the mix of yoghurts- cow, sheep and goat all make an appearance).  We then used that to gild tartines with roasted red grapes and walnuts.

We brought the adventures to a close by returning to Sydney again for the pea, feta and basil fritters with balsamic tomatoes.

It felt like coming full circle.

The timing of it couldn’t be better.

Afterwards, when we were half way down Marylebone High Street  I turned to The Hungry One. ‘The Stowaway is hungry… I said. ‘How can you both  be hungry? We just had four courses of breakfast’  was his reply. Correction- he and 21 other people ate four courses of breakfast. I was busy skittishly picking at things, plating food and chatting. And besides, I don’t call him that for nothing- and this tagalong in my stomach does carry half his DNA.

If I’d been sensible I would have collected some of the beautiful breads, cheeses and supplies from La Fromagerie before we left- perhaps a pastry or a piece of their home made cakes. Or I could have wandered next door to one of the outposts of The Ginger Pig and plucked up a fat sausage roll. But I missed my moment.

So instead, I rewarded myself with a walking tour past some of my favourite sweet treats in Soho.

There were two macarons from the patisserie at Yauatcha; salted caramel and Earl Grey Tea with dark chocolate ganache. Pliant and crumbly, they’re both indulgence squared.

And then, because I believe wholeheartedly in sentiments like this I found myself not long after in the queue at Gelupo. A mere sprint from the sex shops of Soho, you’ll find the most angelic of gelatos. Ricotta and sour cherry and a hazelnut that tastes urgently of roasted nuts are the stuff very happy memories are made of.

It’s hard to imagine a better Saturday in London. Every now and again you need to stop and take stock. These are the sorts of moments that make this city, and life- great.

Nb, thank you so much to all the wonderful readers of the blog who came out on Saturday morning. It was such a delight to meet you. xxx

For a very lovely and much more comprehensive write up of the event, go to the stellar Liberty London Girl.

La Fromagerie
2-6 Moxon St, Marylebone, London W1U 4EW

7 Archer St  London, Greater London W1D 7AU

15-17 Broadwick St  London, Greater London W1F 0DL

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