First Taste

This. Just this. And this.

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You know those blissful nights when you sit around a country dinner table, picking over the last pieces of roast lamb and your two year old niece keeps running outside carrying more and more bogus excuses to interrupt the party- all in the guise of wanting ‘more roast tatoes…?’

(To be fair, they had been lovingly peeled, halved, brought to a boil from cold water, then slightly harassed in the pan so the edges rumpled before being roasted for 35 minutes in sizzling duck fat, flavoured with garlic and rosemary straight from the garden).

Meanwhile someone at the table brings up the short slow motion film that another one had recently made about children’s first tastes of food (and was first screened at TedX Sydney).

It’s three days later that you get a chance to watch it for the first time. And then you just can’t stop watching it again and again and again.

It might be because you recognise some of the gorgeous munchkins that feature in it. It might be because, in that first taste of an olive, there captured is a whole life’s journey through food; of hesitancy, bravery, exploration and celebration. And it might be because every now and again I feel exactly the same way when I scoff a spoonful of yoghurt.


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