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It’s my latest baby (no, I’m not pregnant). Though I have had a great time tripping down memory lane during the creation of this ebook, which I hope you’ll love.

The forty week journey of growing a new human being involve a lot of changes. Some of them unique and small (what is that persistent itch above my left ankle? Why do my shoes no longer fit?). Some of them enormous (the dawning realisation; I am responsible for another being).

Food becomes weightier than ever before.  Between what you’re not supposed to eat, to what you’re supposed to eat more of, to aversions and cravings, it can be overwhelming.

Four Weeks in: Poppyseed, Lemon and Chia Cakes.

If only some of the fun could be injected back into the process, all the while introducing you to a range of slow release carbohydrate, protein packed, refined sugar free dishes and treats.

The recipes in this ebook are perfect for gestation, for many reasons (and not just because they’ve been checked off by a nutritionist). Each week’s hero ingredient will track the growth of your offspring, from Poppyseed, Lemon and Chia Cakes at the start, through to a Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry when you’re ready to issue an end-of-lease notification for your womb.

Forty Weeks in: Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry

You’ll find bakes to bribe the midwives with (the flourless coconut brownies are a particular morale-boosting favourite), snacks for staving off the wobbles like spiced carrot and lentil burgers and plenty of things to stock the freezer with when the nesting bug descends, from butternut squash and black bean chilli, to slow carb eggplant moussaka and apple pulled pork.

28 Weeks in: Coconut Brownies

Hopefully by the end of the process not only will you have grown a human, but discovered a repertoire of whole-food recipes which will be an asset for life.

Along the way there are plenty of tips and tricks for how to alter the recipes so you can tailor it to your personal tastes or nutritional needs. And there’s also a crowd sourced week by week guide of things you should be doing- everything from baby CPR classes, to what to look for in the tv box-set you purchase to watch while you’re feeding on the other side.

Buy it for yourself – if only so you have the lifesaving banana, oat and chocolate cookies and gluten free one bowl chickpea flour pizza base on your tablet whenever you need them. Or buy it for a friend as a ‘Congratulations! Your whole world is about to change! present’ (It’s a little more cheerful than my previous go-to gift of a jar of stretch-mark oil.)

34 Weeks in: Pineapple, Ham and Cheese Chickpea Flour Pizza

If you’re in the giving mood I’ve made up some e card images for you to copy and paste. This way you can insert one one of them along with the link to download the ebook to send to a girlfriend and celebrate her big news (or just brighten her day. Gestating can occasionally get a little grim).


IMG_0838 IMG_0839IMG_0845[1]

You can purchase the ebook for £5 through paypal on the link below.  It’s designed as a .pdf so it will render nicely on an ipad or iphone- just be sure to save the document to your ibooks so you’ll always have it.

Happy human-growing. Happy cooking. Bon Voyage. (and please join in the fun on #poppyseedtopumpkin on Instagram)

To purchase ‘Poppyseed to Pumpkin’ click the ‘Buy Now’ button below, or follow the link here.

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