Spiced Ceviche Boats with Tiger’s Milk- Life...

Oscarsfeast 2013 Continues The film: The dish: The reason: ‘Thank you Lord Vishnu. Thank you for coming in the form of a fish and saving our lives.’ Not everyone may be as grateful as Pi to eat raw seafood for breakfast. But after floating for weeks on a raft in the Pacific with only a […]

Baked Mexican Eggs

These are eggs that deserve a party. Yet brunch gatherings aren’t always easy or fun.  They’re often the domain of people with small children – the ones trying to maintain the social life they once had, before the nap times of tiny creatures cannibalised their day. They’re for  me nine years ago, playing house with […]


Getting evangelical about pulses- Red kidney bean ...

This is the first in a series of posts, which apart from being useful, will also act as something of an apology. Full confession; It all started with cocktails. Then wine. Too much wine. It was then that I climbed onto my high horse. I think anyone who’s more than a passing visitor to this […]


Pineapple jalapeno salsa (an ode to Avoca Beach)

Just as there are sounds that can whisk you to memories, there are tastes that take me straight to a place. This salsa is one of them. I rarely make it when I’m not at Avoca Beach, an hour and a half north of Sydney- because the tang and burn that I’m not there is […]


Baja fish tacos with chipotle lime crema

Fish tacos are a feast that cries for warmth. Whether it’s from the sun high in the sky, or via an eyebrow elevating blast of chilli. The last time I ate fish tacos, I was here. We were on a  surfing safari in the depths of Baja.  Over the course of a dusty week I […]