Sweet Soy Beef with Daikon

Do you need a freezer-stocking alternative that can stand up to your default take away order of beef and broccoli? Do you need something sticky and savoury, sweet and settling that can be dressed up for a crowd, or eaten in the kitchen with a spoon? If so, I think I can help. This slow […]

Wholemeal Pancakes with Maple Butter and Pears ...

  The Film: The Dish: Makes 6-8 pancakes- serves 2-3 The Reason: “There’s so much of “place” in the world. There’s less time because the time has to be spread extra thin over all the places, like butter.” The world can be an overwhelming place. Particularly if you’ve spent the first five years of your […]

Pear and Apple Pulled Pork

The freezer can be a scary place.  It’s cold and dark. There are skeletons down there (literally- though mine are fowl, not foul). It’s purgatory for dinner- a place of half made meals. And now it’s time to shine a light into ours. In three days time our freezer must be empty. The fridge must […]

Swiss Chard with Parmesan, Pear and Pine Nuts

Poor Swiss Chard. I bet it feels like the girl who had a lock on the school captaincy, right up until the final year when in blows a willowy creature with a winning smile, tumbling curls and a killer high-jump from overseas. Ever since The Ascendancy of Kale, who remembers how solid and reliable Swiss […]

Red Cabbage, Fennel and Pear Slaw with Pork Chops

It takes two to tango. Back in the day when I worked in the communications department of Family Planning (now THOSE were some fun team meetings) there was a health promotion campaign with that as a key message. Now, with technology and increasingly fluid family structures, that might be a little less true than it […]