Oscars festival


Potato Coins with Ketchup Salt – The Martian

The Film: The Dish: The Reason: “In the face of overwhelming odds, I’m left with only one option, I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.” so says Mark Watney (Matt Damon), as he tries to unearth a way to feed himself over 800 odd sols on Mars until a mission can retrieve […]


SubPrime Fish Stew – The Big Short

The Film: The Dish: The Reason: Collateralised Debt Obligations aren’t the easiest concept to digest- that is until you have a cameo from Chef Anthony Bourdain to illuminate them: “It goes something like this: A chef buys fish on Friday. Two days later, it can’t be sold as is, it’s now too old and stinky, […]


Seed and Water Crackers – Mad Max Fury Road

  The Dish: The Reason: In the post apocalyptic future of George Miller’s Fury Road, two things are particularly prized; seeds and water. You may not possess the bravery of Furiosa (Charlize Theron), or the anguish of Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) but if you can salvage enough seeds and a cup of water, you can […]


Cranberry Bear Claws – The Revenant

It’s that time of year again. Please excuse the brief departure from the merits of the slow carbohydrate life. Warning, what follows may possibly involve wheat, gluten, refined sugars etc. I say it’s in the name of art. And sometimes, you just need a full palate/palette.  Here is this year’s OscarsFeast, with a dish inspired […]


OscarsFeast 2015

Here it is, a feast inspired by each of the best picture nominees for this year’s Academy Awards. May your Oscars be golden. The Imitation Game Recipe and reason here The Theory of Everything Recipe and reason here Selma Recipe and reason here Whiplash Recipe and reason here Birdman Recipe and reason here. American Sniper […]