OscarsFeast 2015

Here it is, a feast inspired by each of the best picture nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.

May your Oscars be golden.

The Imitation Game


Alphabet Gulyassuppe (Gulash Soup)

Recipe and reason here

The Theory of Everything

Pea Soup with Potato Thyme Cream

Recipe and reason here


Semolina Grits with Mushroom Pecan Crumble

Recipe and reason here



Chicken Drumsticks with Blistered Pepper Dipping Sauce

Recipe and reason here


Birdman poster

Chicken Under a Brick with Gin Mayo

Recipe and reason here.

American Sniper


Hunter’s Lamb Kebabs with Hummous and Flatbreads

Recipe and reason here

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel poster

Courtesan au Chocolat

Recipe and reason here


boyhood poster

P1150474Recipe and reason here

For a wander down memory lane of previous OscarsFeasts

Best Picture 2014

Blackberry Buckle – Twelve Years a Slave

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Best Picture 2013

Maple Apple Baklava -Argo

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Best Picture 2012

Not-So-Silent Popping Candy Martinis – The Artist

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Best Picture 2011

English Tea Marble Truffles – The King’s Speech

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