So- this is it;  a complete feast inspired by each of the nine best picture nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards.

Maybe you haven’t seen them all. Maybe you’re still slightly traumatised from 12 Years a Slave. Maybe you haven’t looked at your iphone quite the same way after Her. Maybe you’ve felt an inescapable need to cuddle your small child close and eat multiple slices of fruit cake after Philomena  (welcome to my world).

You could make all of the dishes to celebrate while watching the ceremony. You could just make canape versions of one or two (small meatloaf and onion sliders, and love cakes to close). But don’t forget the champagne- or the rules for the drinking game.

-Any time someone thanks a higher power in a speech- take a drink.
-Any time someone references Philip Seymour Hoffman in a speech- take a drink.
-Any time the camera pans to Jack Nicholson looking smug – take a drink.
– Any time you see a woman in a tangerine dress- take a drink.

(Nominations for other elements for the drinking game gratefully received below). May your Oscars be golden.

The complete Oscarsfeast 2014

(recipes and rationales linked in the images below)


The Wolf of Wall Street – Dirty Martini Sashimi

Dallas Buyer’s Club – Chicken Fried Steak with Cabernet Sauce

Nebraska: Meatloaf with Beer Braised Onion Gravy

American Hustle – Brussel Sprout Gratin

Captain Phillips- Somalian Spiced Fish Cooked in Crazy Water

Gravity- Dark Chocolate Floating Islands

Twelve Years a Slave – Blackberry Buckle

Her – Love Cakes

Philomena – Brandy Soused Brack