my favourites

We know what the Hungry One’s favourite things are.
We know what Maria’s are.
I have no intention of ever dancing around wearing curtain fabric but I do know what I like.

These are a few of my favourite things:

High tea sandwiches. I get very excited about good roast chicken sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Similarly smoked salmon and cream cheese. I like to get dressed up and drink tea. Not always at the same time. But there’s something about those sandwiches. It’s a pity that most of the time you have to wait until a wake to have them.

Warm Edamame- Since I discovered you can buy these soybean pods in the frozen foods section of Asian grocers we’ve been going out to expensive Japanese less. And eating less cheese. It’s a win win for everything waist related-the hip pocket and the bum.

They’re salty, interactive and it’s something to do with your hands when you’re having a glass of wine. Just microwave them for 3 minutes, sprinkle with salt and remind everyone not to eat the outside shell.

Good meat pies- There has to be chunks of meat- the more gelatinous the better. Carrots are good, as are mushrooms. The gravy has to have had red wine in it at some point in time. Preferably lots of it. Best consumed when cold/ sooky and/or feeling dusty from the night before.

Infact all of these things are. Maybe that’s why they’re my favourite.

High Tea sandwiches- the slightly more labour intensive and the cheats way

Roast 1 or 2 1.6 kilo chickens ( depending on how many sarnies you want to make). Be sure to season them well with salt and pepper and butter and shove half a lemon and some cloves of smashed garlic up its bum.

While that’s roasting make a bowl of home made mayo ( egg yolk, olive oil slowly dribbled in and whisked until it emulsifies. Add garlic and lemon juice at the end)

Shred chicken meat ( avoid skin- you’ll want to eat that while you’re doing this) mix with mayo- add to that any combination of the following good things;

Finely chopped fennel, celery, almonds, pumpkin seeds (these bits provide the crunch)

Then herbs- parsley, coriander, chives, basil, oregano, baby rocket- any combination of those should be fine,

Salt, pepper, lemon juice- just keep tasting the mixture- you’ll know when it tastes good- everything should be around the same size and bound together

Then pat onto sandwiches ( white bread is best) and cut into fingers-

Cheats ways:

Buy barbeque chickens and skin and shred.

Use S and W whole egg mayonnaise instead of making own

Poach chicken breasts in water with lemon and then shred.

Go to any hotel serving high tea. But you’ll never get as many sandwiches as you want. Easiest way to spend $45 and still be hungry I’ve ever found….

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  1. Anonymous on 3 May 2007

    Thanks Tor, now i know what to make you for dinner!

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