Pea and parmesan soup

It’s all systems go over here. The Hungry One’s out bringing home the bacon. I have some projects on the boil and a cold.

Life for him is a little hectic- but we’re getting good at quickly catching each other at the beginning and close of a day. There’s lots to talk about- weighing up the merits of one contract over another, making tentative plans for an upcoming birthday (mine!) and wading through the morass of Life Administration.

We joked a while ago that one of the prime tenets of a marriage was you had to care about what the other person had for lunch. No one else has to give a fig about the minutiae of your life, but your spouse? It’s in the contract- read the fine print.

So, darling- in case it doesn’t come up tonight- this was it today.

Pea, basil and parmesan soup for one

1 saucepan. 1 stick blender.

Shopping and foraging

A cup and a half of frozen peas
1 cup of vegetable stock
1 handful of basil leaves
1 small handful of shaved parmesan
Rind of half a lemon.

1. Take a cup and a half of frozen peas and a handful of basil leaves and the grated rind of half a lemon. Warm it all through in a cup of vegetable stock.

2. Take a stick blender and whizz it all together. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

3. Top it with some shaved parmesan and lemon rind.

It’s not that exciting. But it is relatively healthy, cheap and tastes good when you’re a little under the weather.

Now I’ve cleared the schedule and we can talk about real things. Like what’s for dinner.

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  1. I like these cooking for one posts, both with and without video. Perfect for inspiration when my husband is working late.

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