Espresso Sosta- best coffee in Stockholm?

We came to Stockholm in the hope of finding good coffee. Coffee and sandwiches. I blame Stieg Larsson.

(There are no fewer than 92 separate mentions of coffee in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). I guess catching murderous misogynists is thirsty work.

Our weekend in Stockholm was much less dramatic.

First thing on Saturday morning we’re walking up wide streets lined with dapper design stores towards Espresso Sosta Bar. It’s a little drop of proper European espresso here in Sweden.

Outside we find a parade of circular bistro tables, glossed up with a mock mother of pearl finish. Flanking them are synthetic wicker chairs.  And the cafe itself stares out at the boxed up ‘Elena’s Kory Grill’ stand.

Inside Espresso Sosta is taut space with just enough room for one of you to stand about and sip a coffee while the other makes selections from sandwiches and pastries on display in chilled glass cabinets.

The food is a combination of Italian and Swedish bread based options.  There are paninis with cured meats and ham and cheese croissants waiting to be toasted.

There are also sturdier ham and cheese rolls on Scandinavian dark bread. After two minutes in the panini press and the cheese has give up some of it’s intensity and the bread is hot and flattened.

But the coffee is why most people have come here.  Lattes are made drearily long, but cappucinos come with gently textured milk and a faint echo of an artful swirl through the crema.

The beans are a mixture of Arabica and Robusta and bring a strong note of roasted almonds. It doesn’t have the creamy roundness one might greedily expect if you’ve been spoiled every day in London, but it’s a solid choice in Stockholm.

I speak from experience when I say a second cup drunk in the dappled shade of the tree while you pick at a lemon cannoli is a perfect way to start a day of sight seeing.

Or, if you’re like The Hungry One (or Mikael Blomkvist) and find yourself in need a second or third cup to keep you going; never fear-  they also do take away.

Espresso Sosta
Sveavägen 84
113 59 Stockholm, Sweden
08-612 13 49
Underground: Rådmansgatan T-bana

  1. Interesting that you discovered this one. Great coffee at a great price. I guess you didn't try any of the snacks from the takeaway place just across the pavement:)

  2. We spent a day in Stockholm a little while ago and while I can't comment on the coffee, we did find some of the most amazing meatballs I've ever had in my life! The swedes DO know how to make meatballs, not just IKEA lol…

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