The moving cleft

There are things that divide people. There are the cheesecake eaters, and the non cheesecake eaters. There are those who enjoy the acrid twang of Vegemite.

And there are those who believe in men with vans.

In the midst of jumping on bouncy castle renditions of Stone Henge, heading out to see the men’s wrestling, making time to go and eat free hot dogs at Denmark House, there’s been a discussion going on in this flat.

Our new home is 450 metres walk away.

The kitchen is bigger. The bedrooms might, actually have real storage.

It’s cheaper. It’s exciting times.

We just have to get there.

And this is where we part company. I’m of the belief that it’s worth paying a man with a van to come and help us move things.

The Hungry One, is not.

We agree on nearly everything in this life. We have the same approach to risk (physical and financial). We thankfully prefer to sleep on complimentary sides of the bed. And we don’t have to split the difference on a thermostat.

The only thing we don’t agree on is whether we should strap tables to our backs, like Ninja Turtles and walk our new furniture to our new flat.

In fact my adored  husband has more than hinted I am a ‘piker’ for proposing we call in outside help to assist us move: 2 dining tables, a queen ensemble mattress, 2 office chairs, a webber bbq, a coffee table, computer equipment, boxes of papers and boxes of food, kitchen kit, clothes, booze and books to the new flat.  He’s said that if enough people agree with me that it’s not ridiculous to bring in someone, I can win. So: genuine pop quiz below.

Yes:  I am being a ridiculous piker to want to hire a man with a van. Pony up Tori.

No:I am not being a ridiculous pansy for wanting to call someone. You’d do the same.

Meanwhile, I’m off to the gym. I have a feeling I’m going to lose; and I need to build up some upper body strength.

  1. You are not snails. You do not have to carry your home upon your backs. Even short term.

    Call the men with their nice big vans.

    You’ll need all your energy to pack and unpack, and pulling muscles on carrying everything yourselves, just to save a few bucks, will definitely take a little joy out of the first days in your new place.

  2. Leave it to the professionals I say! How about a compromise – man with a small man, instead of a full-size removal van? ‘Aussie Man and Van’ are pretty good – I used them last time I moved and the freakishly strong Slovakian removal guy had a whole truck filled with my furniture, cookbooks and assorted nonsense in about 20 minutes flat!

  3. CALL SOMEONE!!! Seriously. The last time Paul and I moved, we did it ourselves (we did have to rent a van, though) but we had to get one of Paul’s stronger friends over to help us with getting the dryer down into the cellar and our dresser and chest of drawers up the stairs and all the rest of the heavy furniture into the living room (we have two dining tables, too!). Plus, there was all the other stuff–clothes, books, etc. that we moved into this duplex from our apartment over the course of a month because “it’s in town and we don’t need a van yet.” Just get the van and get it done. Take that, Hungry One. 🙂

    P.S. I totally spent at least an hour yesterday reading through Suri’s Burn Book. You’ve created a monster.

  4. Get the van
    Drink coffee and eat cake while the removalists work

  5. You are totally right. Having moved many, many times my husband and I have agreed that the only way to go is to have someone move you. You aren’t 21 any more, roping in all your friends to shift you is unnecessary!

  6. Yep I’m in agreement with all of the above.

  7. Sorry hungry one… Tori, I’m with you! it’s not worth the hassle, stress and possible injury especially when pro’s will get it done quickly and cheaply because it’s so close. Consider it a little haschka stimulus package to the good removalists of London.

  8. Get. The. Van. Have everything packed up and ready to go and then you save all your energy for the other end, and you can be unpacked and happy on the couch on the same day you move. Tempt the Hungry One with “I’ll have saved so much energy, I can make you a nice dinner that night”.

    Also: Tynan rule – when you move, put the sheets on bed as the first thing you do, ’cause then you’ll crash in when you’ve unpacked and be happy. See you on the other side!!

  9. Get the van. If you had endless amounts of time and energy available then sure dribbling stuff back and forth would be terrific…but you are both busy people. Get it all done at once with professionals and then you can unpack and move on. Totally agree, we’re not 21 moving one futon and a milk crate anymore!

  10. Hey Tori!

    Thanks for popping by my blog!

    Pray tell me- did you end up getting your man and van?
    Having only moved once- I can’t say I can part any particular wisdom.
    BUT I do know that moving once and only moving my own worldly possessions vs a whole house was enough to render me a corpse with a pulse for two days.

    Needless to say – if I was to move an ENTIRE house I would get that VAN and a MAN + four.


  11. You are all wonderful people. I think I may have won this one. Aussie man with a van sounds like a winner. Now, back to opening cupboards and being terrified about what I find inside.

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