Lemon cookie ice cream sandwiches

Cookies are good. Home made, cookies with proper heft and chew are even better.

A chewy cookie means fewer crumbs. It means it’s easier to squirrel one off to bed with you with a cup of tea, without leaving a tell tail trail of evidence.

Cookie-in-bed days can sneak up on you. Like mean reds or sad blues. They’re most often pointed and grey. They’re days when you’re worried about people, but too far away to do anything of consequence. They’re they days when you stub your toes and take too much out of your eyebrows.

They’re days when you want to turn the volume down. Personality amplifiers may need to be muted. Deadlines need to slip. And it’s on those days that the stickiness of Life Administration can go in the bin (or at the very least, spend some hushed time in the recycling basket).

These are days that call for emergency cheesecakes (remember these?)

They call for more time on the couch ogling athletes competing at extreme levels.

They may require a sly twenty minutes reading one of the funniest tumblr blogs out there.

And they may invite you to gild a golden lily one step further.

If there’s anything better than the chewy comfort of a home made cookie and a cup of tea, it’s this.

Take two home made cookies, pliable and soft. Lemon cookies are great. If not, feel free to use white chocolate and raspberry ones like these.

Take some vanilla ice cream.

Sandwich the ice cream between the cookies. It’s best if the cookies are the same size. But if they’re not, don’t fret too much.

Then eat quickly in the kitchen, with one hand, the other with a napkin poised to catch the dribbles as they track their way down your wrist.

(Because the last thing that a day like this needs is soiled clothing).

Alternatively, place cookies, ice cream, spoons and napkins in the middle of the table next time you have close friends over for supper (the great thing about ice cream sandwiches is it’s ok if the cookies have come from the freezer too). Muck in and get everyone to make their own ice cream sandwiches. Perhaps even make your very own choose-your-own-adventure situation; two flavours of ice cream, and some shredded coconut, sliced banana or berries.

Build the sandwiches and then destroy them with equal speed. Then start counting all the reasons why tomorrow will be much, much better.

  1. Looks gorgeous, but I am very very angry that you alerted me to that Suri thing. I have been reading it for the last hour and can’t…quite…close the window on my screen. No matter how hard I try. Thanks. Will never get any work done ever again.

  2. You had me at ice-cream sandwich – sublime! Perfect Olympic viewing fodder.

  3. Oooh I love the idea of an ice cream sandwich with lemon cookies. In fact, I could go for one right now.

  4. Hoping today is a much better day. And you just gave me a new idea for my new ice cream machine

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