Royal Wedding Feast- Prince Harry Ginger Relish

The role of the best man is a tricky one. You need to support the groom.  You need to make sure he gets to the ceremony  in one piece. You need to remember the rings (just one very precious piece of Welsh gold in this case) and make a good speech.

You don’t want to outshine the groom, but you do need to add a bit of wit and sparkle to the official proceedings.

This carrot hued relish represents the best man of this wedding; our beloved  Prince Henry of Wales (aka Prince Harry). 

Like him, it’s rambunctious and sweet.  

There’s a cheeky tang of  ginger and a little bit of rubble from the currants.

Then there’s a brave streak of chilli; fitting for a dish that honours the first member of the Royal Family to  have served  in a war zone since his uncle flew helicopters in The Falklands.

You can be sure that a puddle of this saucy number will bring some extra colour and interest to our upstanding  main course; a Prince William Pork Wellington.

Prince Harry Ginger Relish

Makes enough Ginger Relish to feed 8-10, with Pork Wellington.

1 stick blender or food processor. 1 microplane or grater. 1 saucepan. 

Shopping/ Foraging

2 cups of cherry tomatoes, roasted and then puréed
2  medium carrots, grated
1 brown onion, thinly sliced
50 grams of fresh ginger, grated
½  red chilli, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons of currants
2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
Salt to taste

Here’s how we roll

1.    Roast the cherry tomatoes with a tablespoon of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt until they are blistered and crumpled.

2.   Sauté the onion until soft.

3.  Add the  grated carrot and the ginger. Sauté them with the onion until well combined and softened.

4.  Add  half a cup of water and reduce.

5. Add the roasted tomatoes and their pan juices to the carrot, onion and ginger.

6.    Blitz together in a food processor or using a stick blender until smooth.

7.    Add the chilli and the currants.

8.    Season with red wine vinegar and salt to taste.
9.    Serve warm as a base for Pork Wellington, roast pork, or crackers and other nibbles.

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  1. Now that is what I call some serious relish! Love it

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