The morning after the night before – Oscars Feast

Greetings from beneath the fog of two ‘not-so-silent Artist Martinis

(in hindsight, one probably would have been enough).

The party is over.

The popcorn leis have been tumbled into the rubbish.

The Oscar Ballots have been checked off and marked, with wins, losses – and a few stray drips of ‘Midnight in Paris’ Coq au vin.

The scoreboard is up on the window.

Tom won, again. I think I came in third.  I’m trying not to get too bitter about it.

I went with my heart for Best Actor; I really thought it was George’s year.

I was wrong.

It was a small but sweet soirée. We crowded  into the flat (next year I think we’ll need to find a bigger space).

We kicked it all off with the dangerous martinis and truffled ‘Moneyballs‘.

The greatest hit of the starters were  the ‘Tree of Life’ riddle scotch eggs, which were suitably runny in the centre (this pleased me). NB besides the tricks of bi carb in the water when you soft boil the egg, the greatest help I found peeling still-runny eggs is having older eggs. Meditatively doing it while you catch up on some of the documentary nominees doesn’t hurt either.

I had some help plating up the Coq au Vin (this version made with diced chicken thighs instead of drumsticks- what we lost on flavour was made up for in convenience of eating with a fork out of a bowl)

 (And yes, that is a very sparkly gold jumper I’m wearing. I’m my very own Oscars statue).

 After the excitement of ‘Angelina’s thigh‘ we took to the dessert buffet.

Hunkering down with the chunks of oat, carrot and apple cake was our novelty model of War Horse. 

We went for mini chocolate pies for ‘The Help’. And the vegan black and white cookies for  ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’.

This morning the trophy has gone back home with Tom. The Alice Tynan Award for most films seen went to Oliver. And the gold jumper has gone back into the cupboard until next year.

Thanks for playing.

  1. Looks like a wonderful party! Love the gold jumper!

  2. Amazing job (the food, your third place and the hangover, hehe)!

  3. Looks like such a fun party! My fave moment was seeing my boyfriend Colin Firth on stage, awarding Meryl her Best Actress Oscar. I want him to be in another movie, like soon. Sigh.

  4. Oh yum – this looks like it was such a fun party. I love black and white cookies!

  5. lovely canapes…and a fabulously creative evening…matching the food to the oscars must have been great fun!

    I feel almost nosey reading your blog, there's so much of your personality showing there.

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