Sad bunnies with ginger jaffa ice cream and happy us

It’s been a good week.

First draft of book handed in, just found out I’m in stellar company and a finalist in the Saveur Food Blog awards (if you fancied, you can click on the link on the right and cast a vote this way…. ;), first television interview (more on that to come), nearly finished the blog renovations (there’s something shiny coming soon), a spectacular meal at James Ramsden and Oliver Thring‘s Kebab Kitchen supper club and now we’re dashing out the door for five days in Cyprus and four days in Istanbul. Bring on the sunshine and baklava.

Suffice to say, we’re some pretty happy bunnies right now. Wishing you a very very happy Easter.

Here’s one from the archives which you might find useful.


The day after Easter it’s a common sight. Quite simply, there are arse ends of bunnies hanging about all over the house.

What is one to do with all these sad bunny bottoms?

You might pick at them while reading something trashy with a cup of tea.

You might be like a seven year old me and hide them throughout your room (only to forget where you hid them until a trail of marching ants leads you right  back to the sweet spot).

You could smelt them down and make brownies.

Or you could put the remaining base to good use as a vessel for a veritable smush of good stuff.

Essentially this is a spiced ice cream smush-up, the kind that even a bunny would love.

There’s a grown up kick of ginger and the jaffa tinge of orange zest. There are chunks of chocolate, courtesy of the ears, or other eggs.

And then there are some candied slivers of carrot. Just the thing to make a sad bunny feel better again. 

Sad bunny smush up

1 saucepan. 1 speed peeler. 1 knife. 1 spatula. 1 ice cream tub.


1 litre tub of vanilla ice cream (you want it to be a relatively soft ice cream)
1 orange
2 carrots, peeled
4 easter bunnies (you want 4 bases of the bunnies to serve in and about 120 grams of chocolate to mush through the ice cream)
1 heaped teaspoon of ground ginger
1 piece of fresh ginger (the size of a wine cork).
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

Here’s how we roll

1. Using a speed peeler, peel the carrots into wafty strips. Dice the strips until you have a pile of  thin squares that are each roughly the size of a stamp.

2. Put the water and the sugar together in a sauce pan and put on a moderate heat so the sugar starts to dissolve.

3. Peel the ginger and then cut into match sticks.

4. Add the ginger to the sugar and water.

5. Add the carrot and the ground ginger and stir around. Cook for 10 minutes until the carrots are sticky and sweet.

6. Put the carrots, ginger and syrup to one side to cool.

7. Crush the ears and necks of the bunnies, leaving the bases together. Crush the chocolate until there are small chunks. Put to one side.

8. Zest an orange.

9. Pluck the candied ginger and carrot out of the syrup. There should still be about a quarter of a cup of syrup left.

10. Add the juice of half orange to the remaining ginger syrup. Heat in a saucepan until it has reduced by half.

11. Mush the candied ginger and carrot, orange zest and chocolate through vanilla ice cream.

10. Return to the freezer until you’re ready to serve.

11. Serve the ice cream in the bunny bottoms and top with segments of  the remaining half of the orange, grated chocolate and a few dots of the ginger orange syrup.

  1. Congrats on being a finalist! =) Happy Easter!

  2. That's hilarious – and sounds totally delicious!

    Congratulations on being a Saveur finalist!

  3. Congratulations for being a finalist in Saveur! I saw your blog name this morning on their list of finalists. That is super exciting 🙂

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  4. Wow what a week Tori – congrats on the Saveur nomination. Have a great Easter.

  5. The smelt down the bunnies for brownies part made me laugh; it just sounds absurd when you say it out loud. I think the whole hiding a scoop of icecream in the bunnies and then eating them thing is a waaaay better idea.

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